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Early Childhood
Ages 3 - 5
/Early Childhood & Kindergarten Registration
Register your preschool and kindergarten age child(ren) online using the link below.

Learn & Grow in Early Childhood Classes at West Side Christian School

Learning Through Play

Worship, learning, community, and creation forms the foundation of faith-based instruction at West Side Christian School. Our early childhood classes are designed to help your child work cooperatively with classmates, get acclimated to classroom routines, and develop the foundations for school success. An enriching educational environment that includes fine & gross motor development, letter recognition & literacy awareness through Handwriting Without Tears and more is situated within our play-based framework, providing time and space for students to discover the joy and benefits of educational free play.

Learning to Worship

Most importantly, we focus on learning about how much God loves them and how they can share God’s love with others through daily Bible stories, worship, and prayer. Each month our entire early childhood program (Little Sprouts - Young 5s) gathers for a joint time of worship together, which parents are welcome to attend as well.

Learning in Community

As a part of our Prek-8th grade school community, our early childhood students participate in all-school worship and have classroom buddies with partner elementary classes.

Learning in Creation

West Side Christian School’s Outdoor Education program includes our early childhood classes too, and all students spend time exploring and learning outside in our onsite garden, the Brian Dyk Memorial nature preserve, the Playscape outdoor classroom, and in conjunction with our educational partner Blandford Nature Center

4s Nature Preschool immerses students in outdoor learning and uses the outdoors as the basis for exploration and discovery. The Playscape is their primary classroom and they spend the first half of their day there, with their remaining time in their indoor classroom. Monthly field trips to Blandford Nature Center extend their outdoor learning experiences. Families supply Okiewear outdoor weather gear.

3s Preschool, 4s Preschool, & Young 5s offer weather-dependent outdoor educational experiences, and Okiewear is not required. Classes take seasonal field trips to places that correspond with their classroom learning units.

Learn More

To learn more about our preschool experience, please visit our Facebook page and search the page using “preschool” (the search bar is on the right side of the page). You’ll be able to see the variety of onsite, outdoor, and place-based opportunities our early childhood students experience. Visit us on Instagram as well and search using #wscspreschool.


Early Childhood Class Offerings 2018/2019

For the 2018-2019 school year, West Side Christian School is offering a variety of class offerings. Please note the following:

  • 3s preschool: You may select either the morning or the afternoon section.
  • 4s Preschool & Nature Preschool:
    MORNING - You may select between 2 and 5 days of class for your child. A minimum of two days is required. The days that you select are the days that your child will be signed up for (i.e., your schedule is then set; your days cannot change from week to week).
    AFTERNOON – Afternoon classes are MWF
  • Young 5s: Includes full days Tuesday & Thursday and half days Friday. Busing is available on full days only.

You are able to select ONE preschool class option per child -- i.e. morning preschool, afternoon preschool, or Nature preschool – not a combination of these. Your child will benefit from consistent instruction and class routines.

For further information, please contact our Early Education Director, Kelly Zeck, at 453-3925 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Available Classes Days Times Teacher
3s (mornings)
3s (afternoons)
9:00 - 11:30am
12:30 - 3:05pm 
Mrs. Elliott &  Mrs. Zeck 
4s (mornings) 2-5 days* M-F 8:45 - 11:30am Mrs. Dean
4s (afternoons) MWF 12:30 - 3:05pm Mrs. Dean
4s Nature Preschool (mornings) 2-5 days* M-F  8:45 - 11:30am Mrs. Egnatuk
4s Nature Preschool (afternoons) MWF 12:30 - 3:05pm  Mrs. Egnatuk
Young 5s  T/TH/F 8:30 -3 :15pm T/TH
12:30 - 3:15pm F
Ms. Myers

*Flexible scheduling options available for morning 4s Preschool & 4s Nature Preschool. Families may select a minimum of 2 and up to 5 mornings of their choice.

Early Childhood Tuition

  3s 4s Nature-based Y5s
2 days $1,190 (MWpm) $1,190 $1,320  
3 days $1,535 (MWFam) $1,535 $1,695  
4 days  - $1,865 $2,060  
5 days  - $2,200 $2,424  
         $3,570 (2.5 days)

There is no money due at the time of registration. A $100 deposit will be required in March, 2018, for which you will be billed. Regular tuition payments will begin in August, 2018, and all tuition must be paid in full by June 1, 2019. 

Financial assistance for preschool is provided via our Preschool-to-Freeschool program. Preschool families are also encouraged to participate in our TRIP program. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for details and to sign up for a TRIP account.

Preschool-to-Freeschool Preschool Tuition Opportunity

We’re so certain that you’ll love our preschool that we’re giving you the opportunity to send your student to preschool for FREE. Yes, free. When you enroll your child in kindergarten, half of your total preschool tuition will be refunded as a kindergarten tuition discount.  If your student remains at West Side Christian School through first grade, the other half of your total preschool tuition will be refunded as a tuition discount. 

Young 5s will receive 40% of their tuition back, with half of that paid back via a discount off of kindergarten tuition, and the other half via a discount off of first grade tuition.

Preschool Eligibility 

  • 3 year old preschool students must be 3 by September 1 and using the toilet on their own

  • 4 year old preschool students must be 4 by September 1

  • Young 5 students must be 5 by January 1

Each child is required to have immunizations updated and a physical examination with a health form and birth certificate turned in before classes begin

Register your preschool and kindergarten age child(ren) online using the link below.

WSCS Preschool - We Learn While We Play

Apples in the fall
Creation Playstation Playground
Enjoying the Playscape on a rainy day
Learning through play
Letter practice in the Playscape
The water table is a popular spot

WSCS Preschool Classrooms

Preschool Classroom
Preschool Exploring Room
Nature Preschool Playscape

Our Mission

To provide a quality Christ-centered education that teaches children of the West Side Christian community about every aspect of God's creation from a Reformed Christian perspective in a distinctly Christian environment, preparing them spiritually and academically to live as Christ's servants.


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