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We had a special Bible week at West Side Christian School back in February. I knew it was coming. It was mentioned in classroom newsletters and really I hadn't thought too much about it -- I was feeling distracted and life was getting to me. Winter was getting to me.

I believe my annoyance with winter was what led to my surprising coldness toward Bible week. I wondered why my kids weren't talking about it? To be honest, I even questioned the reasoning behind it. Um...shouldn't every week be Bible week at a Christian school?

What makes this week so special?

One night after dinner my kids went to grab the devotion book. I decided to toss out our typical devotions and ask the kids about Bible week. Really, I wasn't expecting much. Their answers, well, their answers began to slowly melt my cold heart.

"What's this Bible week all about guys?"

My oldest shared first and told me about his class having to teach the younger ones about heaven. "Ok," I said. "So?"

"Well, last Sunday in church we heard a sermon about heaven so I knew exactly where to go look up heaven...(Wait? What did he say? You mean to tell me this child who was staring off into space was listening last Sunday morning?)...I looked up Revelation 21. I love the description of heaven there. The best part being that we don't need a sun in heaven to have light. Jesus is the light and that is how we see. He provides the actual light instead of the sun. How cool is that?"

This child who I'm never sure is listening to me just said he was excited to share what he had learned about heaven and Jesus being the source of light.

My middle son, my more emotional child, started to share next. I could see that this was big for him. He started blinking...which meant he was holding back tears. Not sad tears but tears that meant this is serious to him.

"My teacher told me that every single story in the Bible points to Jesus. (He continued to blink.) I always knew this but never thought about it that way. Every story, Mom. There is nothing in the Bible that doesn't point to Jesus. I can't stop thinking about that. It's like I never knew that and yet it makes so much sense. The Bible is so cool."

My youngest, hardly able to contain himself that it's finally his turn, ripped the Bible open to Matthew and read to us about the centurion's faith.

"Mom, don't you see? The centurion is a GENTILE! (He says with a full on eye roll.) Don't you get it? A gentile had so much faith that he believed Jesus could heal his servant by just saying the words. Mom, can you imagine?"

Hmm...They had my attention.

Jesus' light was clearly shining through my boys and warming this mom's icy heart.

If that wasn't enough they told me about a special chapel planned for the next day. This mom knew that if she attended more heart-warming was a great possibility. But the enemy was on the prowl. The sound system was on the fritz and only some of the words made it to the screen. The devil was trying to take his foothold, but Mrs. VanderVennen wasn't going to take any of it. She LED that praise and worship time! can't even be described. It was one of those "you had to be there" moments -- kids on their feet with arms raised high, Mr. Aldrich (our principal) in the middle of the group jumping up and down singing praises with the students -- it was a time of true worship.

Let no one doubt, God is alive at West Side Christian School! The Bible is alive...and it came to LIFE that week for my kids. Their eyes were opened to brand new things and in turn, my cold, wintry heart was also filled with the warm light of Christ.

I might still have a few "winter" moments here and there - but I am beyond thankful to have this school and these teachers to partner with in this messy life.

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