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Stop, Drop and PRAY! and More Prayer Ideas for Parents and Teachers

"Call to me and I'll answer you, and will tell you about great and hidden things that you don't know.”
Jeremiah 33:3

“I don’t like my carrots and hummus snack today, Mrs. Groenboom!” “I don’t feel like saying I’m sorry to Blake for pushing him!” “I washed my hands this morning; I don’t need to do it now, too.” “I didn’t cut in line!” 

Does this sound familiar?

The craziness and crabbiness continued as the day progressed at school. One particular student and I were having a rough day. I decided to keep this student in for a few minutes at recess to talk things over. After a few minutes of talking, this student started to cry.  

I calmly said, “We’ve had a rough day. I think we need to pray. Would you like to pray or do you want me to pray this time?”

She responded, “Mrs. Groenboom, I need you to pray cuz my tears are just-gonna-keep-a-coming!" I smiled, folded my hands around hers, and the two of us prayed to God.

She and I stopped, dropped, and prayed!

How often we forget that God is right there, ready to help—anytime and anywhere!

Here are a few ideas that may remind you to pray for God’s help, peace, and love throughout your day with the children that you encounter each day.

  • Stop, Drop, and PRAY: During battles and worries, stop what you’re doing, drop everything…PRAY.

  • Popcorn Prayer: One person begins and ends the prayer, pausing in the middle so that others may “pop” in and pray – like popcorn kernels popping in the pan!

  • Korean Prayer: Praying out loud together at the same time! Many other cultures besides Koreans pray this way; however, it has become more commonly know as the Korean style of prayer. It may take some practice, but it is great in the classroom or at home. If there are so many prayer items and you are short on time, give this a try! One of my favorite things my ears can hear is the voices of my students praying at the same time!

  • Clockwise Prayer: At dinner, in the car, or in the living room each person prays for the person to the left. If time, reverse order and pray again.

  • Moving Prayer: While on a walk or out and about anytime, pause and pray for the people you pass. Or make a list of people you see, then pray for them when you get home. My family has often prayed in the car on the way to various places. Everyone’s eyes are closed except for the driver’s, of course!

  • Prayer Planner: Write down family prayer requests and needs in a planner/calendar/iPad. Mark the date when prayers are answered, too! How great it is to see God answering our prayers.

  • Nature Prayer: Luke 6:12 says, "One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray ..." He could have gone to the temple if he were in Jerusalem, a synagogue or to a home to pray. He went out in nature. We, too, can head outside; we’ll be reminded of God’s lovely creation. Our body and our children’s bodies are refreshed not only by praying, but also by being outdoors!

Prayer is truly powerful! It pauses your day and can refocus our minds and hearts.

I encourage you to choose one of these ways to pray with your children today. May God bless you and your children as you talk to him.

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