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What are your thoughts on Nature Preschool's partnership with Blandford?

Nature Preschool is new to West Side Christian School this year and it’s been a learning experience for us as well as our students -- and that’s one of the exciting things about it! We thought it would be helpful for you to hear our Nature Preschool parents’ experiences this year, and also hear their answers to commonly asked questions about Nature Preschool!

We already heard what surprised parents most about Nature Preschool, what they’ve enjoyed about it so far, and what the students’ favorite part of Nature Preschool was.

Nature Preschoolers schedule regular trips to Blandford Nature Center, and parents are invited to stay for a picnic at Blandford those days as well. We thought you’d be interested to hear what our current Nature Preschool parents had to say about Nature Preschool’s Blandford Nature Center partnership and field trips.

I've been very impressed with how the Blandford trips extend their learning from the classroom. It's been great to see what he comes home to tell me that he learned about.

I love it!! I think it’s awesome! Recently, they had a Blandford day and my daughter came home so excited to tell me all about the baby egg they found. They learn so much about nature there, seeing it first hand! It's one thing to teach them about insects and plants, but then seeing it all in front of their eyes, is such an experience for these little kids.

We LOVE Blandford. We took advantage of the Nature Preschooler discount for a family membership. We have been to Blandford often as a family. It is a close drive from our house, and because we live in the city with a small yard, it’s great to have a place to go on a walk with a family through the woods (in every season!).

On the way home from one of her field trips to Blandford, my preschooler was telling me about the rescue animals they met and some of the stories about how they were injured and rehabilitated. When we got home, she collected her stuffed animals and invited her sister to play “Nature Rescue” with her. My two girls had an entire clinic set up in the living room, each animal with a story, bandages, bed and blanket.

I love the partnership and the days spent at Blandford. It is a great change of pace for the kids, and they learn so much from Janet!

My husband and I LOVE the partnership with Blandford. The fact that they get to explore there too is such a bonus and Miss Janet is such a blessing to these kids and West Side.

We love it. The more places and opportunities he has to spend time in nature the better.

My son was so happy that he found deer antlers in the woods at Blandford. He could not stop telling everyone what he found and where they were! He also loves to come home bragging about what he did to get muddy that day. I'm certain that he looks for the biggest, deepest puddles and jumps as hard as he can.

I love the fact that Nature Preschool has a partnership with Blandford. Mrs. Staal brings a high caliber of expertise and instruction to the program. I also love that Nature Preschool is linked with an important, long standing organization in our west side community. My son feels so at home at Blandford--he feels that he "owns" part of it since so much of his learning happens there.

We love Blandford!

Ms. VerWoert: I am so grateful to be working with Blandford Nature Center. They have been a wonderful partner in creating our curriculum and have been so generous in sharing teaching resources. Janet Staal also was vital to building the playscape. Any day she knew I would be there, she was sure to be there. The kids also love our Blandford days. I love that they see Blandford as a part of their classroom.

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