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How did you feel about all those dirty rain suits in Nature Preschool?

Nature Preschool is new to West Side Christian School this year and it’s been a learning experience for us as well as our students -- and that’s one of the exciting things about it! We thought it would be helpful for you to hear our Nature Preschool parents’ experiences this year, and also hear their answers to commonly asked questions about Nature Preschool!

We already heard what surprised parents most about Nature Preschool, what they’ve enjoyed about it so far, and what the students’ favorite part of Nature Preschool was, and their thoughts on the partnership with Blandford.

Nature Preschoolers each have a rain suit that protects their clothes from the outdoor elements, and prospective parents wonder about their effectiveness and what it’s like to manage cleaning them. So we asked them a question we’re often asked by parents considering Nature Preschool: how do you feel about all those dirty rain suits?

LOVE the dirty rain suit! It means that he is getting down and dirty in nature and having fun!

As much laundry as I do, it doesn't even phase me haha! They’re so easy to wash and I let it air dry, and it dries super fast! They really are so water resilient; definitely a must in Nature Preschool! I have never had any stains on my child's clothes because of these rain suits, which to me is awesome!

Leaves me with more laundry, but I guess if you look at it from the other aspect of it it were clothing - I LOVE them! The one piece makes it very easy.

I love to see dirt, because I know she has had a great morning interacting with nature! The muddy buddies are fantastic! They keep all my preschooler’s clothes underneath dry and clean. She comes home with a dirty muddy buddy, mittens and boots. We are in the habit of rinsing out the mittens and boots and keeping them by the register to dry. We have a backup pair of mittens and two pair of boots (rain boots and snow boots), so if it gets forgotten overnight, it’s fine.

It is what it is! I don't love all of the wet, dirty winter gear, but it’s worth it! He loves getting muddy and wet with his friends.

I really don't mind the dirty rain suit, wet snow pants or mud. I just have an extra bag to take home instead of in the backpack. The suits are easy to wash and if you have the right boots and clothes the kids stay warm.

We don't mind; don't judge if we don't wash it every day. It is a great idea.

So easy to wash, only outerwear gets dirty, so no big deal!

I was surprised on the durability of the oakiwear suit and the fact that it really did keep the kids dry!

No biggie! They are washable (and so are kids!)

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What are your thoughts on Nature Preschool's partn...
How has your child grown in Nature Preschool?

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