West Side Christian School’s mission of "preparing students spiritually and academically to live as Christ's servants" drives our curriculum and unifies our staff. We are committed to an integration of faith-full learning based on the conviction that God created us in His image to be lovers and learners of Him, of our neighbors and of all creation.

Every facet of student life reflects this mission. Our faculty, staff and coaches model it, and the lives of our alumni continue this legacy. The programs at WSCS challenge our students academically, spiritually and physically and develop in them the skills, knowledge and wisdom necessary to lead fruitful lives that are glorifying to God.

We accomplish this mission first through a strong and integrated academic program. From kindergarten through eighth-grade, students are taught that God is the author of truth and are prepared with a rich understanding of God's creation, His Word, and a commitment to server Him.

Our academic, arts and athletic programs are balanced by extracurricular programs designed to foster personal spiritual growth, compassionate human outreach and strong leadership development.

Job Opening

West Side Christian School is currently seeking applications for a 6th grade teaching position for the 2015-16 school year.

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