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We believe a Christian learning experience for young children plays a crucial role in their attitude toward life and future schooling. Surrounded by love, warmth and security, our preschool program for children ages 3, 4 and 5 contains developmentally appropriate activities with a Christian perspective in all areas of learning.

Christian values such as respect, cooperation, honesty and kindness are woven into each learning experience, whether youngsters listen to Bible stories, play games, bake cookies, paint a picture or retreat to our reading corner. We want each youngster to experience the joy and happiness of belonging to God and His family and to know God as Creator, Savior and Lord.P

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Mary Jo Nanninga  Roberts 2 VerWoert lg14
Mary Jo Nanninga
3's Preschool Curriculum 
Delia Roberts
 4's Preschool Curriculum
Katelyn VerWoert
Young 5's Curriculum

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