Admissions Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of our West Side Christian School program is to equip young boys and girls to live the Christian life. This will be done by promoting Christian principles through our academic, social, and physical programs.

We believe all students have a certain potential and it is the responsibility of the school to encourage students to develop this potential. It is the responsibility of the student to put forth honest effort to do his/her best to develop his/her potential.

The school is an extension of the home. The teachings of the home and school should be compatible and supportive of each other.

The purpose of our school will be to establish and maintain educational facilities dedicated to the proposition that all of our students will be instructed in the light of the Bible. A Christian emphasis will be threaded through the entire curriculum and activities related to the program. Our objective is to help young people grow spiritually mature and morally strong in the preparation of serving God in whatever way he/she is called by God to serve.


West Side Christian School is an academic community which equips the whole Christian student for service in Christ's kingdom. Our goals fall into the following categories:

  • Spiritually enable each student to know God as Creator, Savior and Lord so each may marvel at His greatness, experience His forgiveness and personal love and learn to serve Him willingly.

  • Academically

    ... to enable each student to know as much as possible about God's world so each may be sent out with knowledge and understanding in it as a restorer and/or healer. enable each student to know the importance of learning, catch a love for learning, and develop the necessary skills for lifetime learning.

  • Emotionally

    ... to enable each child to know himself/herself and find the peace of self-acceptance, the excitement of stretching to reach one's full potential, the joy of sharing his/her gifts, and the strength to stand firm against temptation.

  • Physically

    ... to enable each student to know his/her body is a temple of the Holy Spirit to be kept healthy and strong for the work God has planned for each to do and to learn skills for lifetime recreation.

    ... to enable each student to know physical changes and differences as necessary and beautiful parts of God's creative plan.

  • Socially

    ... to enable each student to know the happiness of belonging to God and His family and the responsibilities of the family membership.

    ... to enable each child to know he/she also have responsibilities to a larger global community